Meal Plans & E-Books

Resources to help you take out the guesswork & make the most of your candida diet so you can heal and thrive again.

Candida Recipes & Meal Plans

Three different meal plans & recipe guides to support you -- get them individually, or as a bundle for a discount!

  • 7 Day Candida-Friendly Meal Plan
  • Gut-Friendly Drinks
  • Candida-Friendly Sweets & Desserts
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My #1 E-book is the Candida Diet Survival Guide! Here's a peek at what you get inside:

  • List of foods to enjoy & avoid
  • Explanation of WHY we make different nutrition shifts to heal
  • 9 simple, delicious recipes
  • Tips for navigating common challenges on the candida diet
  • 5 lifestyle shifts to make to support your diet

This book gets you set with key foundations to begin your candida diet.

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Meet Shannon

Shannon Rubenstone is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, specializing in both private and group coaching using a holistic methodology. 

A leader in the field of healing women’s gut and vaginal health issues, she approaches overall health through examining the role that nutrition, mindset, stress, movement and lifestyle all play. Find her on Instagram or on her website